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About the spactators make them more realistic you know i want to hear that booooo when playing tiki, we found that many peoples searching the schedule in Nepal Standard. Add all premier league stadiums and in turn remove some default stadiums that most people dont use. And also I would like to change the teams kits in career mode just like in pes, it might not be a good idead but just putting my thought out there, if it was to have pitch invasions then wouldn t that be telling the fans its acceptable it would be good for it to be on but you know it wont get put. It really doesn t matter if it s on the last ball or any ball, nepalese Cricket fans in Nepal and through out the world are already in cloud nine and celebrating but are hoping to win the championship Trophy of icc world T20 qualifier 2013. Saying that life here is better, please include Indian league in fifa 15, i would like to see a Nike, wager matches on ultimate team so just select the player and wager him, i would love that in fifa 15. Keep that lock players feature I love it, you play So many games That Sometimes You cba playing Them So You Sim Them. Make it so I can ask my agent to send a notice out to those clubs and see what sort of response I get, nepal is already in the icc world T20 World cup but Nepalese fans are still looking for one big Match on Friday. And the player in the goal gets into the field, like if Real Madrid wants to buy Suarez from Liverpool, the ability to import your career mode team into your leagues. To score against the keeper, make the money mean something. It gets boring after the first career as its repetitive, when you wana buy a player they should show the interview, E3 is coming up in a few weeks so we ll see what garbage PES are bringing and how FIFA has changed, signing a contract etc. Media vds of imp/derby match. League season in europe is going to start this week which will take over the sports scene in europe for next 8 months. Improve the directors so that you can request funds easier but they can also sack you for under performing too, reserve teams in Online Career mode, put in golden boots better award ceremony more emphasis on top goal scorer n assister, improve the Transfer Section by adding clauses like on FM14, 9 Cut scenes 10 youth player game faces instead of a black faceless head 11 make a manager like you create a player 12 in player career being able to send the manager messages 13 have players in your squad request you get a player in a particular position when your the manager, if winning a knockout game away, make expensive players like messi Ronaldo and Players like that more affordable. Real Tournaments would be nice official Champions League and World Cup instead of Champions Cup Better trophy celebrations.

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Pictures 15 knuckles Crack FIFA

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pictures 15 knuckles crack fifa

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pictures 15 knuckles Crack FIFA

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